My newest acrylic painting 2018

Hi guys! Just finished this piece which took me a bit longer than usual since day job does not always commute with painting. Sort of frustrating me atm, really! Trying to conciliate drawing and painting for each piece and if you get a bit closer you will see many lines that I leave on porpuse for the curious minds. Feeling frustrated after this one! It is never enough what you do.

Well, preparing the next one already. Just did the first gesso layer today!

Pedro Máximo


Alex Art Platform Resident Artist


I am now part of the selected resident artists for the Alex Art Platform. Glad about this since I discovered a bunch of really cool artists out there. Art market is not easy, so all these small are super important.

Pedro Máximo “Lustro” (mirror) 2016

This was the first painting I did in 2016 and belongs to the series I did between 2016 and 2017. I started from this year, to create more surrealistic atmosphere and a more direct approach on painting. Before, due to my academic and past experiences, I was way more focused on drawing, even though I always saw painting as a “superior” form of art.


Organizing my older stuff

    Last couple of days I’ve been rather busy with unpacking and organizing my older drawings. I had to scan a bunch of them, which means it is time-consuming. It is always inspiring to come back to your older stuff and realize how much you want to do and how much you don’t want to come back to those days. Those are over and done. Anyway, sketching directly on canvas for a new piece in acrylic, which is what I am dedicating this and the following week.


Just started preparing my ETSY shop

Well, apart from having my corpo job, I do what I love to keep my monsters away. One of the beautiful things we have these days is surround by both good and evil – the internet.

I am trying to take advantage of the fact that it became increasingly popular the selling of PRINTS of your own artwork. Well, if one has no money to go for the original one, you might want to consider buying a much-less-affordable-print of the stuff you are into.

I bought a professional printer and just started preparing all the photos and possible configurations to set-up my own online shop.

Check meanwhile my site with a few pieces I have uploaded sometime ago.


Soon will update a couple of videos of what I am doing. Maybe you will get inspired as well. Cheers.

Pedro Máximo

Falling (2017)


Size: 50x70cm – Acrylic on Canvas – 2017

I don’t really think I am totally satisfied with this one. I don’t even know if it is finished or not. Got tired of it as it was draining much energy from me already. It is what it is and not always we have to make something totally appealling, am I right?

This comes in a moment where I am thinking about Art and the place of the artist within the society. I am not very happy with it tbh as I am not desperate as well. The coin has the ugly and the pretty side, I am trying to stick with none of them.
Well, time to get to new ideas.