Organizing my older stuff

    Last couple of days I’ve been rather busy with unpacking and organizing my older drawings. I had to scan a bunch of them, which means it is time-consuming. It is always inspiring to come back to your older stuff and realize how much you want to do and how much you don’t want to come back to those days. Those are over and done. Anyway, sketching directly on canvas for a new piece in acrylic, which is what I am dedicating this and the following week.


Author: Pedro Máximo Artwork

After my Art studies in Portugal, I moved to Poland and came acquainted with renowned Polish painters like Beksiński and Witkiewicz. This has completely changed my life, in a way that I finally saw painting as the supreme form of expression. Together with the artists I grew up with, such as, H.R. Giger, Goya, Paula Rego, Turner and many others to name here, I have all the inspiration one can ask for. I work and live in Kraków.

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