To gallery or not to gallery?

Lately something has been bugging my head: do we, as visual artists, need to chase any gallery for representation/visibility? Or in the other hand, should they chase us if there is an eventual potential for collaboration?

It can be tiring to just browse the web, walk around the town, ask friends and acquaintances for anyone that might be interested in showing your art. With all the social media, is it really that necessary?

To me, Art is becoming more and more like a corporation. You have a CV, a career, important people to meet in case you want to be promoted bla bla bla. Lots of thoughts are running in my head lately and asking what is the real point of making art. Do you make it for yourself? If not only, to whom then? Is it a plausible way, is it valid, do you have an argument behind? Is your idea or your image that special?

What is the fuc**** point in what you are doing?

Author: Pedro Máximo Artwork

After my Art studies in Portugal, I moved to Poland and came acquainted with renowned Polish painters like Beksiński and Witkiewicz. This has completely changed my life, in a way that I finally saw painting as the supreme form of expression. Together with the artists I grew up with, such as, H.R. Giger, Goya, Paula Rego, Turner and many others to name here, I have all the inspiration one can ask for. I work and live in Kraków.

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