II Bienal de Desenho de Almada

II Bienal de Desenho de Almada, prémio Pedro de Sousa 2018. I heard from an artist about this biennal so I have decided to take part in it. The selection will be announced by the end of the 28th of June 2018. Usually I am searching for something connected with painting but drawing plays an important role in my life, as much as painting does.

This biennal was founded by the Associação de Artistas Plásticos do Concelho de Almada. Please find their website here.

Check below the 2 drawing, graffite on paper, a3 size, that I have selected.

To gallery or not to gallery?

Lately something has been bugging my head: do we, as visual artists, need to chase any gallery for representation/visibility? Or in the other hand, should they chase us if there is an eventual potential for collaboration?

It can be tiring to just browse the web, walk around the town, ask friends and acquaintances for anyone that might be interested in showing your art. With all the social media, is it really that necessary?

To me, Art is becoming more and more like a corporation. You have a CV, a career, important people to meet in case you want to be promoted bla bla bla. Lots of thoughts are running in my head lately and asking what is the real point of making art. Do you make it for yourself? If not only, to whom then? Is it a plausible way, is it valid, do you have an argument behind? Is your idea or your image that special?

What is the fuc**** point in what you are doing?

My newest acrylic painting 2018

Hi guys! Just finished this piece which took me a bit longer than usual since day job does not always commute with painting. Sort of frustrating me atm, really! Trying to conciliate drawing and painting for each piece and if you get a bit closer you will see many lines that I leave on porpuse for the curious minds. Feeling frustrated after this one! It is never enough what you do.

Well, preparing the next one already. Just did the first gesso layer today!

Pedro Máximo

Alex Art Platform Resident Artist


I am now part of the selected resident artists for the Alex Art Platform. Glad about this since I discovered a bunch of really cool artists out there. Art market is not easy, so all these small are super important.


Pedro Máximo “Lustro” (mirror) 2016

This was the first painting I did in 2016 and belongs to the series I did between 2016 and 2017. I started from this year, to create more surrealistic atmosphere and a more direct approach on painting. Before, due to my academic and past experiences, I was way more focused on drawing, even though I always saw painting as a “superior” form of art.


Organizing my older stuff

    Last couple of days I’ve been rather busy with unpacking and organizing my older drawings. I had to scan a bunch of them, which means it is time-consuming. It is always inspiring to come back to your older stuff and realize how much you want to do and how much you don’t want to come back to those days. Those are over and done. Anyway, sketching directly on canvas for a new piece in acrylic, which is what I am dedicating this and the following week.